Ayouba Swaray ’24 and His Journey Into the World

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Hannah Lorenzo ’24

Arts Editor

Ayouba Swaray ’24 remembers how he was exposed to theater and dance at Trinity College. Through the Trinity/La MaMa Performing Arts Program, he became immersed in the variety of shows and workshops and took charge of his own art works, inspiring him to pursue his theater and dance major.

“My first real production was at Trinity, and it changed my life. Being at La MaMa, we had to write all of our own stuff and it made me realize that I could just use this vessel. I do not have to restrict myself to being an actor even though it is my best or most skilled craft,” Swaray said. “I got to a place where I am with dance where I would have never thought that I would get here.”

Swaray decided to reshape his education at Trinity after initially being a sociology major and even having an English and political science degree in mind. “I had the chance to actually have dance in my body and know what it means to be a dancer through my own lens and give me the confidence to start doing things,” Swaray said. “I know if I had stayed with sociology, I would have resented as opposed to having dropped it, but I am so grateful for the sociology path I took because it still changes the way I look at things as a writer and artist.”

Along with building his career as an actor and writer, Swaray finds a plethora of opportunities to diversify his dance skills, from exploring genres like hip hop and American modern dance to performing for the Spring Theater and Dance Concert.

“I started as a writer and poet, but I have too much energy, so theater was the perfect marriage of that,” Swaray said. “I view dance as the most immediate expressive art form, so while I came in as an actor, I realized I am much more interested in being a creator and creating things. The fact that I am learning dance, acting and writing, I hold space for all of them.”

Looking to the near future, Swaray reflects on the fluidity of his liberal arts education in theater and dance. While creating his own written productions and choreographies, he expands his network in the arts community, whether that is collaborating with students on their theses, supporting his fellow dancers in the Elemental Movement Dance Crew, or connecting with fellow artists all over Trinity. With these experiences, Swaray is determined to create as he pursues his next projects.

“When you have a project you are working on, things you are inspired by start to funnel in. I think if you are an artist or creator, you are already living an unconventional life, so you literally have to build it,” Swaray said. “You have to build in real time and have faith in what you are building in order for it to grow and prosper into fruition and tangibility. I think that reflects both your life and art.”

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