CSA Fashion Show Grows, Champions Diversity

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With bright lights, blasting Soca music, and bikini clad models, you might not have recognized the Washington Room on the night of Feb. 25. What elicited this change from the usually uninteresting all-purpose room to tropical night club? The change was all in order to create the vibrant and magical feel of The Caribbean Students’ Association Annual Fashion Show.

COURTESY OF Elena-Marie C. Pedro '17
COURTESY OF Elena-Marie C. Pedro ’17

Combining upbeat music, the unique and entertaining garments of up-and-coming designers, and thrilling Caribbean dance moves, the catwalk transformed into a boisterous beacon that had the audience dancing in their seats.
The show started out with a performance from intricately painted dancers, who welcomed the crowd with a cleanly choreographed dance.
The show that followed featured five designers whose collections spanned the fashion world: styles ranged from bathing suits, evening wear, and everything in between. In a festive finale that set the mood for the after party following, Carnival clad dancers rotated around the stage to a dance choreographed to a medley of Soca and Dancehall music.
Behind all this fun was an even greater message: unity and encouraging a sense of belonging is what defines Caribbean culture. From the behind-the-scenes makeup artists to the models to the emcees, the students involved came from all corners of campus. Freshmen through seniors, athletes and singers, the show was a showcase for diversity on Trinity’s campus, the diversity that the Caribbean is known for.
The designers are all American-based individuals. The CSA has built relationships with them over the years, seeking to reflect the wide diaspora of culture, art, clothing and dance to which Caribbean people trace their cultural roots. It was this multiculturalism that attracted many of the participants in the show, such as Alex Norgaisse ’18 meet designers and other models that come from all over the world,” she said when asked what she enjoyed most about the experience, adding “though we differed in cultures we shared common interests and I made genuine relationships in the process.”
As multiculturalism continues on its path toward growing and flourishing in America, this annual fashion show gives an unforgettable lesson on the fun and inclusivity created by embracing differences and enjoying the great advantages of having diverse groups of people on our campus.

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