High Noon and Pakalolo Patrol play Cleo Halloween

Last Saturday, at a Mill event hosted by Cleo of AX, two of Trinity’s most beloved student bands performed. High Noon, the rock band formed around Alex Rusbarsky ’18 (drums), Sam Shield ’18 (guitar), Jamie Noonan ’18 (guitar), and Connor Burwood ’21 (bass) performed first, as the Halloween party setting began to fill with spectators in costumes.
The first songs performed by the band perfectly fit the moment, which was relaxed and fun, but with a slight Halloween edge to it.
They played their original song “Slush” before an excellent cover of the seminal Talking Heads song “Psycho Killer.” The entire party sang and danced along. Then came a rendition of “Wild Thing” made all the more vibrant by the thumping bass and powerful force of the music. The band went on to play a mixture of more deep cuts and rock classics. They performed “Mind Fuzz,” “Nitrus,” “One Big Holiday,” “Mississippi Queen,” and “Nail Gun” and guitar favorites “Johnny B Goode” and a cover of the Doors’ “Break on Through.” The final song was a good match for the band, who approached the music with their own rugged style while still staying true to the song’s roots.
Pakololo Patrol performed next, the band consisting of musicians Jason McLeod ’19 (drums), James Rodiger ’19 (guitar), and Susie Martin ’19 (bass). The band is heavily punk-influenced, displaying technically daring guitar riffs that pierce the air. The band also showed off metal influences and performed with great attention to energy. The audience reacted well to the powerful licks of songs like “Creature” and “Resin.” The slight nautical theme present in some of these songs, and a strong Surf Curse influence. The songs “Surf Lord” and “Ocean” help back up the sense of the Pacific Islands that the name of the band conveys. The band finished out their set with the same characteristically pure rock sound that only comes across live, and very loud.
The musical talent displayed by both of these bands throughout the evening was a major factor in the fun of the event. It was certainly one of the best parties of the holiday, and one of the biggest musical moments on campus for the week.

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