Spring Weekend Concert Brings Distinct Sounds

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Spring Weekend is synonymous with two things: a wide array of social events and music. While on Friday night the student body was privy to the musical entertainment of opener Viceroy and Louis the Child, The Mill had a full evening of eclectic music planned for Saturday night. With the Psi U concert being setup in the background, the opening act for the Mill Concert Series, West End Blend, took to the stage. While the main act for Trinity’s Spring Weekend typically consists of either an EDM DJ or a prominent rap artist, the Mill usually brings in specialty rock groups and hip hop musicians. West End Blend specializes in fusing ’70s style funk music with an almost contemporary sound. Backed by virtuosic instrumentalists Tom Sullivan on horns and Jesse Combs on guitar, amongst others, lead vocalist Erica Bryan tore up the set, powerfully singing their original music for all to here.
After West End Blends impressive performance, LA based hip-hop duo Duckwrth took to the stage, performing their new singles “I’m Dead” and “I’m Uugly,” on top of other impressive songs. While Duckwrth was performing, I had the opportunity to converse with Andy and Edwin White, the two brothers who make up the experimental rock duo Tonstartssbandht, the main act. Both hail from Orlando, FL where they grew up playing music together. The band has spent most of the past few months touring extensively throughout the world, hitting Prague, Melbourne, and Hong Kong along the way.
The parallels between Tonstrartssbandht and Louis the Child couldn’t have been stronger. While Louis the Child was more concerned with pumping up the crowd and putting on a dynamic show, Andy and Edwin were there to perform their music the way they wanted to. Andy doubles as lead vocalist and the primary guitarist, while Edwin provides backing vocals and percussion. Both couldn’t have been more kind and friendly, happily discussing their music and lives with interested students. Andy had flown in fresh to Hartford from Los Angeles, where he was performing at Coachella with well-known “indie” singer-songwriter Mac Demarco. Kudos to The Mill for booking this group of eccentric artists who provided a style different from the contemporary mainstream.

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