Facing the Firing Squad (your friends)

Walk of Shame Warrior ’24

Been There, Done That

We’ve all been there in one way or another. A thirsty Thursday gone too far only to be turned into a walk of shame past a Friday morning tour. No matter what the outcome is, it’s inevitable that the judgmental looks from prospective student parents won’t be the only side-eye you will be get- ting. That’s right, just as you swing open your common room door, relieved to be out of sight from long-walk goers, you will be forced to face the firing squad (aka your roommates). Granted, they all knew exactly what was happening when they noticed your snap map was off, yet find-my-friends showed your last location to be at a certain Allen Place address (they know the drill by now). Thus, as you sit down on the stained-slip- c o v e r e d – s o f a , an interrogation-style-series of hangxiety-inducing-questions are soon to come. So spare the secrecy and spill… everyone knows it was your ex. So what if he hasn’t changed, but you still think you can fix him.

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