Asian-American Student Association Enjoys Lunar New Year

Lunar New Year 1
Lunar New Year was celebrated in numerous East Asian countries on January 28th. In order to honor the significance of this global festival, the Asian-American Student Association (AASA) organized two events to educate our community  on the traditions of the Lunar New Year celebrations.
On January 30th, AASA invited the entire student body to a fun-filled Lunar New Year celebratory event in Terrace Rooms A, B and C. Beautiful traditional Chinese and Korean decorations were hung across the rooms by AASA’s members. Delicious Chinese food was served to the attendees. After AASA’s Executive Board introduced themselves, members of the E-Board gave presentations about how Lunar New Year celebrations differ in China, Korea and Vietnam. The presentations were informative and interesting which kept the audience entertained throughout.
Student performances started shortly following the presentations. An international student from China played a beautiful song on the piano, Jitty Jihyun ‘19 played a traditional Korean song on her violin and Kalsang Wangmo ’20 performed a marvelous dance routine on famous K-Pop and Chinese Pop songs. The student body enjoyed the event thoroughly and showered it with praises. The Terrace Rooms remained completely crowded till the event ended, emphasizing how amazing and entertaining it was.
AASA did another Lunar New Year event in collaboration with Trinsition Fellow Consuelo Pedro on February 2nd in the Wheaton/Jackson Common Room. More than 60 people flocked to the event to not only enjoy the absolutely delicious Thai finger food but to also partake in the Lunar New Year activities organized by AASA. Students were taught how to do origami and how to make traditional Korean and Chinese signs. Billboard Top 100 played on the speakers as students danced with their friends, enjoyed the mouthwatering food and created learned how to make origami.
One of the most important and commendable part of these events was AASA’s declaration of complete support of those who have been affected by the recent Muslim Ban and Immigration policy. AASA’s Executive Board emphasized AASA’s status safe space for all those who need to talk or just want to feel better about the current political scenario. The First Year Representative stated that AASA is ready to provide any sort of support needed by anyone in the student body during such tough times. The fact that AASA started both its events with a declaration of solidarity with those affected shows how there are many places for anxious, depressed or confused students can go to seek help.
All in all, AASA did a great job in promoting East Asian cultural values and educating our student body on global festivals.

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