Bantam Survival Guide: How to Deal with Finals Stress

It’s the last week of classes and the fall semester is quickly winding down. Everyone has the gloom of finals looming over them. Many are stressed out and are planning accordingly: by committing themselves to long nights in the library.
Here is some advice to get over this hump and make it to the long awaited winter break. First off, staying up late is definitely not the answer to making it through finals stress free. Our bodies need an average of nine hours of sleep a night, so commit to a nightly routine, avoid caffeine prior to bedtime and set your alarm for the next morning. By scheduling alarms to ring at the same time each morning you create a schedule that allows your body to function better.
When in the library it is easy to be distracted by friends, different websites and the hum of conversation. Be sure to pick a location in Raether where you know you can focus, personally I enjoy the third-floor cubbies.
To combat procrastination download ‘Self Control,” an app that allows you to create a list of websites that constantly distract you from your work and will block you from using them for whatever  amount of time you choose.
To reduce stress, write down everything you want to accomplish so you are organized and allow yourself to take breaks. Another great way to reduce stress is to meditate. Meditation has been shown to help relaxation and increase your focus and memory, as well as strengthen your immune system.
There are several apps that offer easy meditation, a great one is “Heads Up!”, and it’s free in the app store. Going to the gym, going for a walk, or even getting off campus for an hour can allow for greater focus when returning to the library. The build up of stress and the lack of sleep associated with finals week often cause a large percentage of the student body to become ill. To fight against this almost inevitable curse of finals: drink Emergen-C, wash your hands often, and again, get plenty of sleep.
Also, while there is still time before final exams begin, try to prepare as best you can. It can’t hurt to invest in a large box of Emergen-C, Vitamin D pills, and healthy study snacks that increase concentration – like blueberries, nuts, and green tea.

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