Golf Club offers inclusive opportunities for students

While many Trinity students have an interest in sports and are athletically inclined, not all participate in a sport at the varsity level. Therefore, club sports are a viable option for students wanting to participate in a competitive sport that they are passionate about without the early morning practices or huge time commitment. Trinity College’s Golf Club is currently building its presence among the other club sports offered. It provides students the opportunity to either learn the game of golf or improve their skills.
Alexander McGrath ’18, Co-President of the Golf Club alongside Alex Johnson ‘18, encourages all students interested in golf to join the club. McGrath wrote, “The Golf Club is a great opportunity for anyone, regardless of ability, to go out and simply play. The golf club is open to types of skill sets, regardless of ability. We have members that have been playing golf most of their life and those who are just beginning and are learning the fundamentals. We don’t hold tryouts or practices.”
Interested students must first register on IMleagues and search for Trinity College. Johnson and McGrath schedule golf outings every weekend to various courses in the Hartford area. McGrath emphasizes the fact that joining the club “requires a small financial commitment in the form of buying one of our customized Trinity Polos, Adidas hats, or golf towels.”
Like many student clubs and organizations, members of the Gold Club can play for free as long as they document their expenses and turn in their receipts for reimbursement. McGrath says that the club is also “exploring the possibility of getting new customized Trinity gear in the spring.”
The club plays predominantly at Stanley course and Goodwin course, respectively, but McGrath explains that the club is currently exploring possible new courses in the Hartford area. Upperclassmen also offer rides to members on the weekends so that all students have the opportunity to play. McGrath explains that “The Golf Club was founded with the principle that students would be able to have access to different course in Hartford. It allows people of differing abilities to compete against each other, or simply play for their enjoyment.”
The club has worked closely with Trinity to encourage athletes to take advantage of the many resources at their disposal. It was founded on the values that students should have an affordable and convenient access to golf, regardless of ability. The club is under new leadership that strives to provide students with free golf, since the school reimburses members, and continues to maintain the golf community on campus.
McGrath is passionate about the community that the Golf Club provides students, saying that “The Trinity Golf Club intends to foster the values of golf within the Trinity College community while providing a convenient and affordable means for student participation. We offer a welcoming environment for students interested in pursuing the game of golf.  Players with little or no experience gain an opportunity to develop their games and experienced golfers have a chance to engage in competition.”
Stanley Course is located at 245 Hartford Rd, New Britain and Goodwin course is located at 130 Maple Ave, Hartford.

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