Greek Life Spotlight: The Zeta Omega Eta Sorority

Gillian Reinhard ’20
Staff Writer
In 2003, alumna Megan Boone ’06 proposed the idea of creating a non-traditional sisterhood that would not conform to the typical norms of Greek life on campus. Adhering to these nonconformist principles, the Zeta Omega Eta sorority began to take shape. Several new members have completed the rushing process and Trinity’s first feminist sorority was officially inaugurated with the hopes of addressing issues on campus, in the community and throughout the world. The organization is open to everyone across campus, both male and female, to take part in volunteer service and the advancement of feminist ideals. All participants are expected to be interested in gender equity, feminism and the advancement of inclusivity and diversity on be interested in gender equity, feminism and the advancement of inclusivity and diversity on campus.
Two members of the organization, Meijing He ’17 and Ursula Granirer ’17, have worked to create a strong group of service-minded people to initiate Zeta Omega Eta. “Through their work in community service, their roles as leaders in campus organizations, and their pursuit of academic excellence, Zetas seek to reclaim and redefine what it means to be a feminist and to be a sorority sister,” comments He.
Currently, Greek life maintains a significant place in community life at Trinity. Although there are several fraternities active at Trinity, there are currently two recognized sorority available to students, Kappa Kappa Gamma and the Ivy Society. Adding another sorority to campus life will reshape and add to the current state of what role Greek life plays on campus.
The group aims to accomplish at least two community service events over the fall semester. Zeta Omega Eta hopes to initiate conversations on feminism and diversity throughout the Trinity campus, striving to reach a wide group of students, faculty and all those interested in contributing. Additionally, the group plans to hold multiple bonding events for those in the sorority with the goal of creating a social and intellectual atmosphere within Zeta that can then be encouraged throughout the community.
“Trinity is a campus that needs practice with tolerance,” commented the group, in response to why Trinity needs Zeta. “We need practice with accepting people who do not fit the mainstream image. Zeta is dedicated to addressing these issues on diversity and equality.” Zeta Omega Eta seeks to add a new presence to the Trinity community by challenging preconceived notions of both sororities and feminism and by creating a space for intellectual engagement and service.

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