Hartford Has It: The Connecticut Science Center

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Come on down to the Connecticut Science Center and “See the Unseen!” The downtown museum is located only 11 minutes away from Trinity College and has recently undergone a serious facelift, coming out more amazing than ever.
If you’re looking for something to do on a rainy day, the science center is the perfect solution. With six completely interactive exhibits ranging from animals to water play, it is a museum in the least conventional sense of the word. Most importantly, when all of the play time makes you hangry, there is a Subway and Froyo World to provide the nutrients necessary to tackle your remaining exhibits. The most efficient way to plan your visit is to start at the sixth floor and work your way down to the bottom level at the water zone, where anyone under the age of 10 will leave absolutely drenched but smiling from ear to ear. There are also two movies shown throughout the day in a 200 person 3D theatre that are an absolute must! The first is an extremely informative film about NASA and space, and the second is a visually stunning one about the ocean.
The museum is perfect for all ages including adults! It is also the home of the most exciting thing happening in Hartford this summer: the opening of a butterfly garden, complete with thousands of butterflies that you can walk through and interact with. Talk about hands on learning! Visit the Connecticut Science Center to see that Hartford really does have it and so much more.

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