IT Help Desk Workers Always Available to Address Students' Needs

If your laptop is broken, the classroom projector is not working right, or one of the buttons on your Play Station is out of control, there is always someone at the Library Help Desk to assist. One Trinity student who works as an IT technician at the Help Desk is Zimo Huang ’21.
Huang is a student from Shanghai, China. When he arrived on Trinity’s campus, Huang was eager to find a paid job that would help him improve his skills in repairing technical issues. As a conscious engineer and technician, Huang’s job allows him to help Trinity students and professors repair their laptops, classroom projectors, cell phones, and other devices. Being an IT technician is not an easy job. IT technicians must understand the complex hardware of electronic appliances and figure out the best way to repair any damages. Trinity’s students and professors appreciate Huang’s ability to solve complicated problems related to electronic devices.
However, the library is not the only place where Huang works. He often visits dormitory buildings on campus to x students’ personal devices such as computers and printers. Huang can often be seen running across Trinity’s campus carrying a lap- top and a box of tools. For Huang, being an IT technician is both a volunteer activity and a paid job. He is willing to commit himself to help others and appreciates the fact that he can earn money for his work. Huang’s job at the Help Desk requires a great level of commitment and skill. It allows him to explore his interests in IT and computer programming. Huang’s hobby is a special skill that can help others, and his commitment to the job demonstrates his interest in and appreciation for the subject.

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