New Halal Dining Options at Mather Dining Hall


Two vendors from the New York City area have been secured to provide Halal dining options to students on the meal plan. Keeping halal means one only eats foods that are permissible according to Islamic law. Some of the restrictions of this diet include not eating food prepared with alcohol, or consuming meat from animals not slaughtered in God’s name. The inclusion of halal dining options comes out of the work done by the Muslim Students Association (MSA).
Chaplain Read is grateful for the work done by faculty and staff who are both on and off the meal plan. “..In order to promote Muslim life on campus and to make Trinity a place that is increasingly inclusive of Muslim students over time. Taking this step took true partnership, and I deeply appreciate student advocacy for themselves and for the students who will benefit from their efforts in the future.”
As a result of all the work of the members of MSA, there is now a halal entrée available at both lunch and dinner, seven days a week, in Mather Hall. The entrée will be located in “The Kitchen” station in Mather, on the far left hot plate. This dedicated location, with appropriate signage, allows for easy identification. The food is prepared by cooks who have been trained on the halal requirements and how to properly prepare halal proteins. One oven has been dedicated for the use of the cooking of halal food. The MSA has done a great job and has been extremely patient in acquiring this form of recognition on campus.

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