Press Release: Student Photographer Partners with Trinity Tripod


The staff of the Trinity College Student Photographers (TCSP) are proud to announce that the organization has officially partnered with the Trinity Tripod to take photographic coverage of events around campus to the next level. This marks a monumental collaboration between two in uential organizations and signals a sea change in cross-organiza- tional collaboration.
Why is this important?
The partnership between TCSP and the Tripod heralds a shift in the way we look at student organizations and involvement on campus. We believe that teamwork is the key to success, and that belief has been at the core of our mission since the group’s founding two years ago.
The Trinity Tripod has been an organization that we wanted to work with since our inception, and now is the perfect time to realize our collective vision of enhancing the phenomenal work of the Tripod sta with exceptional images provided by the TCSP staff. We hope that this inspires other organizations to take the risks necessary to elevate their own work to heights never seen before.
What does the future hold?
From here, things can only improve. Chris Bulfinch, the editor-in-chief of the Tripod, says “I’m very grateful for our partnership with the TCSP. With their help, The Tripod will look better than ever, with great photos and consulting!”
About Trinity College Student Photographers:
TCSP was founded in 2015 by Milosz Kowal, currently a senior at Trinity. Initially organized as an art appreciation group, the team has quickly grown into a jug- gernaut of photography, providing event coverage to dozens of clubs, teams, and groups around cam- pus, including the Theater/ Dance Department, The Trinity African Student Association, and Hillel.
Our mission is to provide exceptional coverage for student groups, expressed in the motto “Making Magic Happen.”

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