Student Government Makes Senior Snowball Sparkle

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This past weekend, it was that time of year for the event all seniors look forward to, the annual Senior Snowball dance. Nearing the start of finals and the end of the semester, students at Trinity might be wiped out. However, thanks to the hard work and planning of both the Student Government Association and Greek organizations, the seniors were able to kick back and enjoy Senior Snowball, a night of celebration. Snowball took place on Friday, Dec. 2, in the Washington Room. Senior Class President Nick Recka ’17 noted that Snowball “was an incredible time. I’m glad it came together as well as it did. It was a great bonding experience for all of the seniors, and it would not have happened without the support of the SGA Senior Council.”
The festivities began with pre-gatherings hosted by some of the Greek organizations on campus. Seniors were organized in groups by freshman residence halls — nostalgia sparked the reunification of old friends and reminiscence about our first days on campus. At 8:30 p.m., students who lived in Jones, Elton, and Funston freshman year gathered in Alpha Delta Phi. Transfer students, IDP students, and students who lived in North got together in Psi Upsilon. Wheaton, Jackson, and Smith met in St. Anthony Hall. The Greek organizations helped ignite the fun and commemoration of students about to enter their last semester as Trinity students.
Seeing old roommates and friends who, over the years, have become busier with their involvements at Trinity was a treat. Sedona Georgescu ’17 added that her favorite time of the night was getting together with her freshman year roommates. “That’s what makes Snowball so special — it gives everyone a time to look back at their four years and reflect on what an amazing time it has been.” This was a night both to live in the present and appreciate the memories of the past that we have collected here at “Camp Trin.”
After the pre-gatherings, the whole class was invited to a formal event in the Washington Room above Mather Hall. The excitement continued with excellent live music, hors d’oeuvres, and an open bar. The SGA confirmed that all of the decorations came from local vendors, as they worked close with the production company PowerPosse. Through Chartwells, the planning committee was able to provide a beautiful ice sculpture for the Class of  2017.
The evening’s concert began with a performance by indie-rock band Animal Years. With Mike McFadden on vocals and guitar, Anthony Spinnato on drums, and Anthony Saladino on bass, the Animal Years trio provided the perfect live thrill for Trinity seniors. After Animal Years, Snowball boasted DJ Yosa as the main performer. Yosa Nosamiefan ’17, ended the spectacular night with popular dance music for everyone to enjoy. Georgescu suggested, “[that DJ Yosa was] an obvious choice. We were so lucky that he agreed to perform for Snowball even though he is a senior. I think it made the music situation that much sweeter.”
Senior Snowball was a gala to remember. Although the evening was bittersweet – seeing old classmates and realizing that college does not last forever – the event was incredible to say the least. The dedication of SGA and Greek life members who coordinated and hosted the ball resulted in an unforgettable bash. Senior Senator Ali Chalfin ’17 expressed that the best part of Snowball was “seeing everyone in our grade together in the Washington Room having an amazing time. No matter the club in which they participate, their major, sports team, Greek affiliation, or other social group on campus, people were having an amazing time as the Class of 2017.”

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