The Journey of Self-Discovery: Ellis Bristow’s Summer Experience at the Stella Adler Art of Acting Studio

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Julia Pecora ’25

Arts Editor

In the bustling city of Los Angeles, aspiring actors from across the globe gather every summer to hone their craft at the prestigious Stella Adler Art of Acting Studio. Among these talented individuals this past summer was Ellis Bristow ’25, a passionate and aspiring actor, whose transformative journey over ten weeks was nothing short of remarkable. In an exclusive interview, Bristow shared her awe-inspiring experience, offering a glimpse into the world of professional acting and the invaluable lessons she gained during her time in Los Angeles.

For ten weeks, she immersed herself in the art and craft of acting, dedicating her days to intensive classes that pushed her boundaries and challenged her creativity. One of the most exhilarating aspects of her experience, as she fondly recalled, was the opportunity to learn from seasoned professionals. “The highlight of it was having professional actors in my classes and getting notes from them. Watching them perform and learning from them was truly an amazing experience. It was exciting to get to see how they interpreted our scenes. They were always doing things I never would have thought of,” shared Bristow.

The daily routine at the Stella Adler Studio was rigorous and demanding. Bristow and her peers delved into “on-camera” classes, where their performances were captured on film. Under the guidance of skilled instructors, they also explored scene study classes where they meticulously analyzed and brought characters to life. Bristow and her fellow actors were also allowed to observe other’s scenes, allowing them to understand the nuances of both acting and filmmaking.

A standout experience for Bristow was the mock pilot presentation class, where an experienced writer observed the students and crafted scenes tailored to each individual. These scenes are seamlessly interwoven into a captivating storyline, showcasing the creativity and talent of the participants. At the culmination of the program, these scenes were brought to life through screen tests and chemistry reads, providing an authentic glimpse into the world of professional television production

Another class allowed Bristow to develop her own scenes. Paired with a partner, Bristow embarked on exploring and developing numerous narratives. The collaborative process involved countless revisions until they were polished gems ready for the spotlight.

The culmination of Bristow’s summer adventure was a grand showcase held at a specially designed warehouse set, featuring the actors’ own scenes. The atmosphere buzzed with excitement as the aspiring actors stepped into their roles, bringing an array of characters to life. For Bristow, this moment was more than just a performance—it was a testament to her growth as an actor and the invaluable lessons she had learned during her time at the studio.

This transformative experience was not the first time Bristow had graced the stage. Before her summer in Los Angeles, she partook in the Trinity College production of Shakespeare’s “Hamlet.” Looking ahead, Bristow is filled with excitement as she anticipates more acting roles and opportunities to showcase her talent

In the world of acting, every experience, class, and performance contribute to an actor’s growth. Bristow’s summer at the Stella Adler Art of Acting Studio was more than a series of classes—it was a transformative journey that pushed her creativity, allowed her to learn from professionals and emerge as a more refined and confident actor. As she continues her acting career, Bristow will serve as an inspiration to aspiring actors, reminding them that with dedication, passion, and a willingness to learn, the stage is limitless, and the possibilities are endless.

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