Wojcik Sees a Bright Future for Trin’s Social Organizations

The Trinity College community is excited to welcome Kathryn Wojcik, the new Director for Campus Life Initiatives and Social Houses.
In her position, Wojcik is responsible for overseeing Trinity’s Greek letter organizations and serves as an additional resource for social houses on campus. Wojcik works with “different groups of students to make sure they feel supported and make sure they have an advocate in their corner.” She serves as the direct advisor of Trinity’s Greek organizations including Kappa Kappa Gamma, Ivy Society, Cleo of AX, St. Anthony’s Hall, Kappa Sigma, Alpha Delta Phi, Psi Upsilon, Alpha Epsilon Pi, Pi Kappa Alpha, Zeta Omega Eta, Alpha Chi Ro, Order of the Elms, Stella Society, and Lambda Alpha Epsilon.
Wojcik expresses that she has big goals and plans for the future of Greek life at Trinity. This is refreshing for Trinity students to hear; as Greek life has remained a mysterious aspect of campus life in the past. Wojcik recognizes this, saying that she still gets many questions from Trinity students who want to rush a Greek organization but aren’t sure how to get involved. Wojcik gushes that she is “excited to open up the Greek experience to more students on campus,” and expresses her enthusiasm that “more people can rush now with the new organizations.” Trinity welcomed three new Greek organizations to campus this past academic year including one new fraternity, Lambda Alpha Epsilon, which is Trinity’s first multicultural organization, and two new sororities, Order of the Elms and Stella Society.
One of Wojcik’s main goals is to showcase to the Trinity community all of the great things that the Greek organizations are involved with. She says, “I want the Trinity community to recognize the Greek programs, the philanthropy they’re involved with, and the connections they’re building. I want to show the Trinity community how positive Greek life is.” One initiative she’s working on in order to educate the campus community on what Greek life is about and inspire Trinity students to get involved with Greek organizations is to create a page on Greek life on Trinity’s website. This page would include information on the remarkable things that Trinity’s Greek organizations are involved with, provide information for students regarding how to rush a Greek organization, and serve as the go-to place for news relating to Greek organizations. Wojcik wants to make Greek life less of a mysterious element to the campus community and aims to help the non-Greek community gain an understanding of what Greek life is and what it’s about. Keep your eyes peeled because Wojcik aims to get the Greek life web page up and running by the end of the year!
An additional goal that Wojcik has is to foster more communication and collaboration between Trinity’s Greek organizations and social houses. After meeting with the leaders of different organizations, Wojcik received feedback that Greek organizations and different social and cultural houses want to collaborate with each other more. While Vernon Street is always lively and jam-packed with things to do, events are often separate and hosted by one particular campus organization. A long-term goal of Wojcik’s is to establish a programming board to open up opportunities for the leaders of social houses and Greek organizations to meet with each other in an effort to make the Vernon Street community more collaborative. One goal of this programming board would be to create a master calendar so that the leaders of organizations can be involved with other organizations and be educated on the events that other houses are holding.
There are many great things in store for Greek life, and the Trinity community is very thankful to have Kathryn Wojcik on board!

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