Admissions will Not Penalize Student Protestors


In response to the national conversation following the recent school shooting in Parkland, Florida and the planned student-protests in schools across the United States, Trinity College promised prospective students who participate in these protests that their activism will not be counted against them during the college admissions process. Several pro-gun outlets have argued against the protests, organized as school-wide walkouts, claiming that educational institutions should discipline students for leaving class. The decision was announced on the Twitter account of Vice President of Enrollment and Student Success Angel Perez, who publicly articulated his opinion on the social media platform. “I would never punish students in the #Admissions process for standing up for what they believe in,” he commented. The statement was in response to a Tweet proposing that Admissions departments from distinguished colleges and universities “make loud public statements that say to kids: get suspended for standing up for your beliefs. We’ve got you on this side.”

Some school superintendents in places such as Texas and Wisconsin have made the decision that high school students who participate in these walk-out protests will be faced with disciplinary action, and possible suspension. Trinity has joined the ranks of colleges around the country who have chosen to ensure prospective applicants that their peaceful protests will not hurt their chances of admission.

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