Emergency Barnyard Meeting Held, B.o.B. Will Not Headline Spring Weekend

Two sources from Barnyard (Entertainment Activities Council) have confirmed that rapper and rumored headliner B.o.B. will not be performing at Spring Weekend 2018.
Barnyard held an emergency meeting today after the alleged headliner came under significant fire throughout the community, following a Tripod article released on Tuesday detailing anti-Semitic and other offensive lyrics featured in B.o.B.’s music. Because the rapper reportedly has already been booked by the College to perform, the decision to cancel his appearance may cause significant strain to the budget of Barnyard and the Student Government Association.
As of April 5, Barnyard has not confirmed their Spring Weekend lineup. The opening act is scheduled to be a student DJ. Last year, Barnyard confirmed Louis the Child as the 2017 Spring Weekend headliner on March 29. Spring Weekend is scheduled to begin on April 13.
This controversy is preceded by the removal of Action Bronson as the headliner for the 2016 Spring Weekend, after over 1,300 Trinity students signed a petition to remove the performer on the grounds of misogyny.
This is a developing story, with updates in the Tripod to follow.

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