Hip Hop/Rap Voted Genre of Choice for 2019 Spring Weekend


For the second year in a row, hip hop and rap took the lead in Barnyard Entertainment Activities Council’s annual Spring Weekend music genre survey.

The survey, which was emailed out to the Trinity student body in early October also came back with pop voted into second place and EDM taking third. These results are especially unique this year because hip hop/rap and EDM are usually interchangeably ranked first or second by students. 

“We are going to take the genre survey results into consideration when we are doing the artist selection process,” said Barnyard President Jitty Synn ’19. “Because the genre that won is hip hop/rap, there is more room for conflict/issues and I want students to realize that. We will try our best to fine comb through artists during the artist selection process.”

Barnyard is a branch of the SGA in charge of programming events on campus. Other than Spring Weekend, it hosts Trintoberfest in October and the Trinalina Wine Mixer in late April. It also holds smaller events like sports’ openers and stressbuster events. Additionally it helps sponsor events with other organizations on campus with its most recent one being “Paint Night” on Friday, November 30, which provided free instructor sessions to students in Vernon Social.

Last year, when hip hop/rap won, Barnyard brought pop artist, Kiiara, who is known for her hit single, “Gold” as the Opener and Trinity Alum and Rapper, Sammy Adams, as the Headliner. Barnyard also held a Student DJ Battle where students could vote on Barnyard’s social media for the student DJ who would open for the two artists. After a too-close-to-call-vote, it was decided to give Jervon Adams, JR ’20 who goes by “DJ Trouble Kidd” as well as Stew Williams ’18 and Alex Wolfson ’19 of  “WVLP/\CK” the opportunity to open the concert. 

The year before that, EDM won the 2017 Spring Weekend Music Genre Survey. Barnyard brought Trinity Alum, Viceroy, for the Opener and Louis the Child as the Headliner. That year, Barnyard paired up with production company, GrooveBoston, to bring Trinity a new concert experience. Following Louis the Child’s set, GrooveBoston put on an afterparty showcasing its own in-house DJ’s who continued with the EDM vibe.

This year’s Spring Weekend will be on kicked off on Friday, April 5 with the concert and will then roll into Saturday.

“EAC is revamping the carnival that is held on Saturday, so I’m looking forward to how that event will come together,” said Synn.

As the semester wraps up, Barnyard is looking towards dedicating most of next semester to planning for Spring Weekend.

“We are hoping for a great Spring Weekend this year,” said Synn. “And, we hope that everyone is pumped for it!”

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