International House Hosts 12th Annual International Show

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By Rajsi Rana ’26

News Editor

As part of International Week, on April 12 the International House hosted its 12th Annual International Show, featuring performances in the form of dance and music. The performers included Trinity College students and visiting performers. Trinity’s student body is comprised of about 13% International students from many different countries. The I-show featured performances from all over the world.

The evening started off with the annual flag walk, in which many flags were represented, carried by students from those countries. The food included a variety of dishes from different places, including Middle Eastern, Ethiopian, Italian, Indian, Vietnamese and more. 

The evening program included nine performances. The show was moderated by Tara Iyer ‘24 and Francesco Castagna ‘25, who provided lively commentary and bantering remarks throughout the night. The first performer, Sydney Yu ‘25 sang a Chinese song called “Slow Were the Good Old Days,” a nostalgic song about reminiscing about the olden days and the slower rhythm of life. Chenille Jake ‘24 performed two songs originally by an Indigenous Canadian singer, representing the Native community as a Navajo performer.

After those vocal performances, there were several dance performances. Jungle Jeans and Friends, a dance group with 10 students (Junny Nguyen ‘26, My Dong ‘26, Hue Chi Le ‘26, Tracy Xu ‘26, Halanda Nguyen ‘26, Vy Sa Nguyen ‘26, Chau Anh Pham ‘27, Rosie Lu ‘27 and Thien Nguyen ‘26), performed a traditional Vietnamese dance, which included a coordinated choreography of red scarves. Next was a Nepali dance with Sabin Limbu ‘27, Isshori Gurung ‘25 and Shreyasi Oli ‘26, individuals with backgrounds from Nepal and Bhutan. Gabi Scavenius ‘27 performed a traditional La Botellera dance from Paraguay, in which several wine glasses were balanced on their head throughout the performance. Following that was a DJ break by DJ Dizze, A.K.A. Ismael Irizarry ‘24, who played a mix of English and Spanish music, as well as music in other languages. 

After the break, Sem-G  (Semana Gisubizo ‘24) sang and danced to several original African songs, with his music videos playing in the background, several of which were filmed in Hartford. During one of his songs, “Up and Down,” he got the crowd up and dancing. Yamani Mpofu, a visiting student from Wesleyan University, performed a South African Urban Dance. The final performance was a K-pop dance piece by a group called Gummy Bears, with five performers (Rachel Wu ‘24, Keyla Torres ‘24, Junny Nguyen ‘26, My Dong ‘26 and Sabin Limbu ‘27). The evening of performances ended on an energetic note.

The show brought together several members of the Trinity College community for a night of dance and music, and reminded Trinity how vibrant the many cultures present on campus are. The show, along with the other events throughout International Week brought Trinity’s community together for events of cultural appreciation.

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