Joe Biden Comes to Hartford, Stresses Civility

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Former Vice President Joe Biden came to Hartford last Friday at Hartford Magnet (HMTCA) to advocate for the upcoming election on November 6. Everyone who spoke encouraged everyone to go out and vote because one’s vote can make a difference.

Connecticut’s current Senator, Richard Blumenthal was one of the first to speak, highlighting the importance of voting. He shouted, “ballots always win against bombs,” and the crowd went wild. On the ballot are major issues of today such as healthcare, environmental protection, work and consumer right, and women’s rights. In school, Blumenthal said, Americans were taught about the concept of checks and balances; no one is supposed to have absolute power. For this to change, Connecticut must vote and America must vote to win checks and balances back and to take back the house from the Republican Party. “We are going to work hard this November because America is at stake, and we need to stand up for America,” said Blumenthal.

Current Senator and candidate Chris Murphy then spoke on the importance of diversity and healthcare. “The issues talked about in Washington D.C. are life or death situations,” said Murphy. He cited the Affordable Care Act (ACA) as one of these instances. He said he has had several citizens come up to him before and explain to him how critical the ACA has been for their personal lives and their family’s. Murphy also emphasized that that America is stronger as a country because of how diverse we are. He stressed that topics such as these play an integral role in everyone’s life and are life or death stakes for everyone, so America must vote. “Connecticut values are not Donald Trump values, and we are in the business of saving American democracy,” said Murphy.

Jahana Hayes, a candidate for Congress, was next up to speak. She believes all Americans have a voice. “Our voices are important, our values matter, and our concerns are credible,” exclaimed Hayes. A good government is about working for the people and taking their votes to Washington. She asked the crowd what kind of Connecticut they would like to see, what kind of America they would want to live in, and what kind of future they would like to present for their children. She encouraged everyone at the rally to vote her into Congress so their voices may be heard, but to not send her alone. She encouraged voters to send multiple candidates from the Connecticut Democratic Party along with her so they may be able to reach their goal. “Your vote is your voice,” said Hayes.

Connecticut’s Democratic candidate for governor, Ned Lamont then took the stage. He petitioned for good jobs for the state of Connecticut and to bring FDR back into politics: fairness, decency, and respect. He will be fighting for the state for the next four years, so “we gotta get up and stand up for our rights.” Ned and Susan: believe in CT.

Finally, Former Vice President Joe Biden concluded the rally, claiming that Connecticut has “got one hell of a good democratic ticket” for this upcoming election. These Connecticut candidates have something special about them – they are real; they are relatable; and they mean what they say. But most importantly, “we have to remember who we are as a country. We must restore the damaged stature at home and abroad. And we must remember that before we are Democrats and Republicans, we are Americans,” said Biden.

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