LVL to Meet with Culprits after Banner Vandalism

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A La Voz Latina (LVL) banner hanging over The Cave was vandalized by five Trinity students on the evening of Saturday, Sept. 29. According to an email sent to the Trinity student body by Dean DiChristina, Vice President for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Dr. Anita Davis, and Chaplain Read on Oct. 4, the students that violated the banner were identified by Campus Safety and the Dean of Students Office “has started the disciplinary process to determine appropriate outcomes consistent with College policies.”

According to a member of LVL, the five students are scheduled to meet with members of LVL next week to discuss the incident and potential consequences although no specific disciplinary actions have been mentioned. Regarding the impact of this incident the email stated, “this type of conduct is not acceptable. The behavior is disrespectful and hurtful to all of us at Trinity and especially students affiliated with La Voz Latina. Such actions result in significant levels of mistrust across campus. To all students involved at LVL, we are sorry that you experience this type of disrespect as members of the Trinity community.” Additionally the email stated, “we recognize the importance of naming such conduct as unacceptable and expect all Trinity students to demonstrate respect for one another. We stand firm in our commitment to an inclusive community that embraces diversity and engages with differences with dignity and compassion.”

The names of the five students who are responsible for the incident have not been shared with the Trinity community. LVL will meet with these five students and the Deans on Oct. 21 to discuss the incident and potential disciplinary consequences.

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