Multiple Students Assaulted at Greek Houses Last Weekend

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Last weekend Trinity was rocked by a number of events requiring the assistance of Campus Safety and the Hartford Police Department. On Friday Apr. 1 and Saturday Apr. 2, two Trinity students at separate fraternity houses were assaulted by non-Trinity individuals.

Campus Security Officer, Mr. Brian J. Heavren, notified the Trinity College campus through email on Friday April 1 that an unidentified student was assaulted earlier that morning at 2:30 am at a social gathering. It was reported that two unknown males were invited up to the student’s room in Ogilby Hall where they proceeded to threaten the student with a knife and then punched him in the face. According to his email, “the two individuals also demanded the student’s possessions.” This student suffered a minor injury and went to the hospital. Campus Security was alerted and they began their investigation of the identities of the two individuals.  “During the day on Friday, I met with the students in Ogilby Hall…information that developed throughout the day was forwarded to the Hartford Police Department to assist with its investigation,” said Heavren.

On Apr. 2nd outside Alpha Delta Phi, one of the brothers was punched in the face and knocked out by another non-Trinity student. He was then sent to the hospital as a result of his injuries. The next day, Heavren sent out an email to the heads of Greek life on campus and told them to, “please monitor and be aware of who is being admitting into your events.” He also reiterated that Campus Safety “is available to respond to any concerns that arise during their events and encourag[ed] the houses to Contact Campus Security when issues arise.”

In response to several incidents that happened on Mar. 24th through 25th that involved young Hartford residents approaching and touching female students around campus, Heavren sent out an email on Apr. 4th informing the school that two of the perpetrators had been identified. “Last week, two of the youths were tentatively identified and this information has been turned over to the Hartford Police Department to assist them with their investigation,” wrote Heavren. The Campus Safety Department and the Hartford Police Department are working together the further investigate these incidents. “Campus Safety would like to thank those involved for quickly notifying the department and bringing these incidents to our attention,” said Heavren. Anyone with any information that would help solve the cases can call (860) 297-2222.

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