SGA Discusses Churchill Club and Upcoming Elections

Kip Lynch ’22
Staff Writer

The Student Government Association met this past Sunday, Mar. 10, in order to discuss Class Council initiatives, the Student Integrity Contract, upcoming SGA elections, and hosting a forum with the Churchill Club. The SGA also heard committee updates and H20PE’s request for club approval and recognition.

H20PE Trinity College aims to support rural villages and orphans in Ethiopia through the provision of safe drinking water and school supplies. Lead by Weyessa “Ace” McAlister ’20, the organization has partnered with LifeWater International in their pursuit of raising funds for water filters and wells. Additionally, H20PE will raise funds for the purchase of school supplies, which will be donated to the Kidane Mihret and Selenat orphanages in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

The SGA discussed the Student Life Committee’s revision of the Student Integrity Contract. While the previous contract was short and primarily focused on academics, the SGA desired a more comprehensive contract that held students accountable outside of the classroom. With that, the Student Life Committee focused on including in-depth definitions and adding resources for students who have concerns about topics such as substance abuse and hazing.

The Food Committee reviewed its completed initiatives over the past semester: increasing the restocking frequency of drinks in the Cave, increasing the restocking frequency of the allergen friendly space in Mather, increasing the frequency of updates on Tapingo, and adding a build-your-own salad option in the Cave. The Budget Committee discussed its previous forum on updating its funding policies for newly formed organizations, and its plans for hosting a forum for organizations that use funding for the provision of food in club meetings.

The students listened to SGA President Kristina Miele ’19 discuss the upcoming SGA elections. Held after spring break, candidates are given one week to campaign. Candidates are also given a broad purview of campaigning methods, with exception to the prohibition of negative campaigning and slander.

The Student Government Association also discussed the possibility of hosting a forum with the Churchill Club, with the intention of educating students on the approval process of clubs. Both Kristina Miele and Dean Joe DiChristina refuted the rumor that the administration does not recognize or allow the Churchill Institute on the campus of Trinity College. With that, Miele emphasized that the role of the student government is to govern the student body and student organizations, and that it would be unable to do so if it does not approve or recognize them. With the Churchill Club questioning the necessity of a forum, Miele noted the unique nature of the club’s approval process before highlighting the rifeness of rumors and the need for clarification. As the process of hosting a forum for the approval of a student organization is unusual, the student government intends to codify a process should a similar situation arise again. Miele also stressed the importance of members of the student government remaining unbiased. Acknowledging the public nature of a club’s constitution and its member lists, Miele emphasized that members of the student government should not circulate member lists with malicious intent, given reports that members of the Churchill Club were harassed online due to the distribution of its member list by representatives of the student government.

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