Significant Changes Made to Trinity's New Student Orientation Program

Big changes were made to the Class of 2021’s New Student Orientation this summer. After months of careful planning, this year’s Orientation program focused on engaging the incoming class with both Trinity and the local Hartford community. This fall’s orientation offered a number of special events that contributed to engagement in the local community. Once an optional opportunity to take in the sights and smells of Hartford, the Bantam Walks were revamped to include walking tours of the nearby eateries, establishments, businesses, and organizations within walking distance of the college.
Another major change to New Student Orientation was the simplification of the Move-in Day process. Instead of having students contend with the inevitable traffic jams around Summit Street, they instead designated to “unloading zones” in various lots and areas. This created a more efficient and lower-stress experience for both New Students and the assisting Orientation Leaders alike. “From conversations with families and students, this change received significant praise from many specifically noting how organized and efficient the profess was,” said Sarah Lucas, Assistant Director of Student Activities, Involvement and Leadership (S.A.I.L.) who also headed up New Student Orientation.
Another focus that New Student Orientation concentrated on this year was having more special events for students to feel welcome at the school. “A new tradition that was incorporated this year was a student-led initiative by Emily Claytor ’17 (Orientation Leader and SGA President) in the form of a Campus Lighting,” said Lucas. “This was an inaugural candle lighting ceremony for the Class of 2021, surrounded by upperclassmen, faculty and staff, that welcomed the first-year class with a visible display of support for our newest Trinity students that symbolized the ‘lighting of their fire’ on Trinity’s campus.” This year, Orientation included 600 students from around the world with 28 student Orientation leaders from all years and majors. “While there are still improvements to be made for next year, this plan was definitely a step in the right direction,” said Lucas. “Its [also] amazing to witness all the hard work that the various staff, students and constituencies put in finally come to fruition.

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