Student Government Association End-of-Term Update

By Gillian Reinhard ’20
Staff Writer
As the semester winds down and winter break approaches, the Student Government Association held one of its final meetings on Sunday Dec. 4. The meeting focused on recapping several events that have happened on campus recently as well as planning for the end of the semester and the spring. Senior Snowball, which occurred on Friday Dec. 2, was reviewed as a successful and important event for the Class of 2017. Organized by the seniors of the SGA, the Snowball began with memorable freshman dorm reunions hosted by various Greek Life Organizations. Over 400 students attended the celebration of the senior class. SGA members involved passed on their advice and thoughts of the event to the class of 2018.
Also addressed was a multicultural party recently hosted by Kappa Sigma. The event, designed to focus on the racial, socioeconomic and other forms of diversity at Trinity, was attended by many students as well as members of the administration. Especially significant was the representation and presence of several different, diverse groups on campus. The party fostered positive discussion on questions of diversity at Trinity as well as the promotion of different ideas. The Kappa Sigma fraternity plans on hosting another event in the spring.
“Toasting to Trinity” was another major event recently covered by SGA, sponsored with the International House (iHouse). The promotion of healthy drinking culture incited important and helpful discussions among various members of the Trinity community. The iHouse and SGA commended the presence Trinity’s of administration and positive dialogue that took place. The event concluded with several ways to moderate and regulate drinking culture on campus and was an effective way to create dialogue at Trinity.
The Student Government Association meeting concluded with reports from the Budget and Academic Affairs Committees. The Budget Committee is currently focused on changes to Trinity’s insurance policies as well as the continuing development of Crescent Street. The Academic Affairs Committee, meanwhile, reported on their preparation for the upcoming second semester of the school year.
Next semester is predicted to be a busy one for SGA, who hope to continue to strengthen their presence on campus. The association aims to create more programs for everyone in the community as well as increase communication with Greek Life, multicultural organizations and academic clubs. As always, the SGA hopes to advance their roles as leaders on campus.

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