Trinity Accepts Impressive Incoming Class of 2020

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Trinity College sent out the acceptance letters for the class of 2020 in the beginning of April. In a student wide email,by Angel Perez, Vice President of Enrollment and Student Success, discussed the new process of admittance and the makeup of the class of 2020.

In previous years, Trinity’s application process did not include a supplemental essay on the Common Application that students use to apply to colleges across the nation. Now there is an optional supplemental essay where students can write about “reasons for wanting to be a student at Trinity and in Hartford.”

The application is now test-optional; this year 37% of the students who applied did not submit test scores. Instead of heavily basing acceptance on test scores and GPA, Trinity has taken a more holistic view towards assessing applications. In his email, Perez wrote, “Students were evaluated based on their academic achievements as well as their personal character, co-curricular engagement, and potential for serving the Trinity and Hartford communities well.”

The Trinity Admissions Office now looks for more well rounded students who will add to the Trinity community. This approach has yielded what Perez says is an incoming class with “an average academic rating that is higher than students admitted in each of the past 6 years.”

This is a very positive statistic given Trinity’s recent decline in the national liberal arts college rankings.

The class of 2020 boasts students from 44 states and 56 countries. There are “student government leaders, jazz pianists, published authors, political activists, community organizers, award-winning athletes, founders of international nonprofits, and even a student who worked with NASA to communicate with the International Space Station.” A wide range of independent scholarships were also awarded to the incoming class of 2020.

In addition, the class of 2020 has several students who were awarded the 1823 Scholarship, and the Presidential Scholarship. These scholarships are given to the most academically talented students, providing them with funding and extra opportunities to excel during their time at Trinity. These academic scholarships also provide students with career  opportunities  in college.

In addition to showcasing the potential future students of Trinity College, Perez asked that current students engage in the admissions process through welcoming potential students at several planned events for accepted students and making the month of April “Trinity Pride Month.” Perez asked that current students come and discuss what it is like to attend Trinity College and answer questions as current students. Many off-campus events are planned in major cities across the US for alumni and newly accepted students to ask alumni questions about life at Trinity. The admissions staff has also created a website dedicated to newly admitted students and reaching out through social media outlets. A live video chat featuring current students and admissions staff is scheduled for Apr. 7.

Trinity has accepted a stellar class of 2020. The next half of the work begins by current students encouraging potential accepted students that Trinity is the place that they want to spend their college career at.

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