Trinity Pays Tribute to Late Vice President for Advancement Michael Casey 

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Faith Monahan ’24

News Editor

Vice President for Advancement Michael Casey passed away on Aug. 22 after sustaining serious injuries in a bicycle accident early in August. Casey had led the Bicentennial Campaign for the college as a key initiative to prepare students at Trinity to go boldly into the next era of the College. 

College President Joanne Berger-Sweeney released an email to the College on Aug. 18 expressing support for Michael and his family and encouraging acts of kindness upon the news of Casey’s accident. Michael came to Trinity College in 2017 and led advancement throughout the Covid-19 pandemic and the Bicentennial campaign. Upon the news of his passing, President Berger-Sweeney expressed in a statement that Casey, “was a dear colleague whom I will remember fondly, with a deep sense of gratitude for having known him.” 

His work at the College included Trinity’s Alumni Bicentennial Celebration in the summer. His fundraising expertise received attention from the Hartford Business Journal. The Bicentennial campaign has been the largest capital campaign in the College’s history. Casey had assisted with leading initiatives at colleges including Franklin & Marshall College, Wesleyan University, and Skidmore College prior to his work at Trinity. Casey’s fundraising and career of supporting the advancement of liberal arts colleges has contributed to funding for departments, facilities, financial aid programs and more.

In an interview with the Trinity Reporter Casey reflected on his career as he embarked on his work at Trinity: “I firmly believe in the kind of education we offer and its ability to transform students and prepare them to make an impact as alumni. I’m a first-generation college graduate, and I was able to go to college because someone—someone I never knew!—thought it was important to provide scholarships to give students like me the opportunity to pursue their dreams. In a personal sense, then, the work I do and the reason I have stayed in it so long is to pay that debt forward.” 

Casey had earned a bachelor’s degree in Irish history and literature from Harvard University. Skidmore also released a statement expressing condolences for Casey’s family describing his commitment to the Saratoga Spring’s community.  

Casey is survived by his wife, Janet, and his two children, Liam and Fiona. Services to honor his life are yet to be announced. 

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