Weekly Update from Campus Safety Crime Log

Each week, the Tripod reports a weekly crime update based on Campus Safety’s Crime and Fire Logs, which is available to the public at Campus Safety’s Vernon Street location. The journal documents all instances of crime that happen on campus or in the local area that affects members of the community.
On Nov. 13, at 2:58 pm, a student reported two counts of rape that occurred in an on-campus residence hall. The actual crime was committed in 2016, but was was reported to Campus Safety this week. This case remains open with the department.
On Nov. 14, a robbery occurred on Allen Place. According to an email sent to the student body by Campus Safety, two unknown individuals, one male and one female aged around 17 or 18 years old, approached a Trinity College student at 11:38 pm. The student was robbed of his cell phone and wallet, but was not physically injured during the incident. One of the suspects may have been holding a handgun. The perpetrators fled in a light-colored sedan to Affleck Street. The case remains open and is being addressed by both Campus Safety and the Hartford Police Department.
Over Homecoming weekend, as previously reported, vandalism occurred on Nov. 11 at Hansen Hall and Doonesbury. Both of these cases remain open. Additionally, on Nov. 11, a fire was started in the High Rise dormitory at 2:40 pm. This case was closed by campus safety, as the fire was caused unintentionally by a discarded cigarette left in a trash bin.
The Campus Safety Crime and Fire Logs are available at 76 Vernon Street and address all issues concerning safety on campus. All members of the community seeking to learn more can visit Campus Safety’s offices.

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