Weekly Update From Campus Safety's Crime Log

Below is the Tripod’s weekly update regarding Campus Safety’s Crime and Fire Logs, a journal available to the public, chronicling all reported crimes that happen in or around Trinity’s campus that involve Trinity students or local Hartford residents. On Nov. 6, there were two reported incidents of larceny that occurred on campus. The first incident took place at Vernon Social at 9:35 am. The report says that the theft took place at a non-residential part of the Vernon building. The incident actually took place on Nov. 2, and the investigation is still ongoing. The second reported instance of larceny happened at Jones dormitory on Nov. 4, but was reported on Nov. 6. This theft took place at 11:34 am. and is listed as having happened at the residence of a Trinity student. This case is also still open. On Nov. 7 at 4:47 pm., there was an incident of larceny reported at the Trinity College Library. This investigation is still underway. On Nov. 8, there was another theft from a vehicle parked in the Clemens parking lot. A Trinity student’s car was robbed in the Clemens parking lot last week as well. This theft took place at 11:30 am and like the Clemens incident last week, this case remains to be closed. There were no incidents reported between Nov. 9 and Nov. 13. There have been no updates listed in the Crime and Fire Logs regarding the incidents in the Hansen residence hall bathrooms which were destroyed over Homecoming Weekend. The basement bathroom had all three of its mirrors smashed, and shards of glass were all over the floor. The bathroom was closed off by Campus Safety, and the residents on that floor were advised to use the bathrooms on the floor above them. Also, the 2nd floor bathroom of Hansen had two of the stall doors ripped off their moorings. Campus Safety has yet to reach out to Hansen residents regarding what is going to be done about the destruction of two of the building’s bathrooms. The Campus Safety Crime and Fire Logs are officially entered into the system and listed in the aforementioned journal by the Director of Campus Safety Brian Heavren. As been mentioned before, this information is open to the Trinity community.Anyone interested in finding out more can visit the Campus Safety office at 76 Vernon Street, a little further down the street than the Doonesbury residence hall.

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