College Campuses Must Combat Drinking Culture

While drinking is often a part of many college campuses, Trinity embodies a sometimes dangerous drinking culture. Whether it’s a busted fraternity party due to underage drinking, or hearing sirens on campus after someone has been severely injured due to intoxication; I have already witnessed and read about these incidents even though I am only a first-year. While I know eliminating the use of alcohol altogether on college campuses is unrealistic, I think there are policies Trinity can implement to eradicate as many dangerous situations as possible.
It was unnerving to hear about a student at Pennsylvania State University who died while pledging to a fraternity. This hasn’t been the first instance of pledges dying this year, which brings up a very relevant issue: hazing. While hazing is said to be banned on most college campuses, stories of hazing instances are still prevalent in the news today. This has even prompted Florida State University to ban Greek life until they resolve hazing issues. While I haven’t heard specifically of any hazing issues at Trinity, the recent aforementioned stories scare me. They have prompted me to think of ideas to possibly avoid this from happening at Trinity. I believe that enforcing strict policies concerning hazing and implementing severe consequences will deter any student, regardless of the campus, from engaging in any hazing activities. Alcohol poisoning is very serious, and hazing is not a humorous or acceptable excuse. Additionally, I believe that as a community if we are able to set an example for other colleges, then hopefully hazing situations across America will be avoided.
Underage drinking is rampant on college campuses. College is the first time many teenagers gain freedom from their parents. This often means engaging in activities, such as drinking that lead to dangerous situations. While not drinking at all is just not the reality for many students, there are measures Trinity can take to ensure that everyone is safe and responsible. First, after living in Funston, which is supposed to be substance free, I noticed that these rules aren’t followed all the time. I believe that the campus should regulate these rules more to ensure that substances aren’t allowed in a place where they are prohibited. Also, even in dorms without these regulations, dormitories housing underage students should not be permitted to have alcohol. This protects the minds and bodies of students who are still growing physically and mentally since our brains don’t fully develop until the age of 25.
Therefore, it is imperative that Trinity takes responsibility and implements policies that protect students’ physical and mental health. Too many students have died or gotten injured the past few years, and it must stop. This change must begin with Trinity.

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