Jumping Right In- An Orientation to Remember

August 31st seemed so distant at the beginning of the summer. The day that I moved into college, in my mind, was far into the future and an aspect of my life that I did not believe could arrive so hastily. Now, three weeks into my freshman year at Trinity, I can honestly say that I feel quite acclimated with the campus. I know when to eat at Mather when it isn’t too populated, and the meaning and purpose of Trinity Days. However, I have to attribute my fast knowledge and effortless familiarity of Trinity to all of the individuals who made our orientation an unforgettable five days.
At first, there were numerous presentations about vital campus issues such as safety, inclusion, and health. In all honesty, I wasn’t thrilled about attending these presentations. Nevertheless, they were executed in an incredibly entertaining way. WGRAC sponsored two presentations for new students. They were both comedy skits, which created an intriguing atmosphere for every student in the room. The shows dealt with serious topics, which developed into deep and heavy discussions; but, they were insightful, and I can personally attest the abundance of lessons I learned to both of these performances. I now feel more comfortable asking questions and engaging in discourse regarding sexuality and equality. Also, Martha O’Brien, Director of Health Services, talked to first- year students about how to remain healthy on campus, and steps we can take to do so. She was not mundane in her presentation, rather, she was humorous and engaging, which made the two hour discussion seemingly much shorter. Therefore, even though orientation consisted of a few mandatory presentations, they were executed in an organized and exciting way. Students were often tired after the day’s events, however, we learned that Trinity does not sleep!
I attended a variety of activities in the evening. One night I went to the Fred, where I had a barbecue dinner and watched a wonderful open mic. I did not work up the courage to sing, but maybe next time! I visited The Mill the next night as well, where I actually did let my passion for dance release as my friends and I swayed to the melody of the band playing that evening. Additionally, our orientation leaders hosted a carnival for first year students, which included popcorn, cotton candy, ice cream, burgers (all free of course!) and music, an inflatable bounce house, and hours spent with our classmates. I found this to be a fantastic bonding experience where I actually met a majority of my friends. I am very thankful for the various organizations at Trinity that took the initiative to offer these exciting nights for us. Above all, however, I have to say that personally, my favorite event was the club fair. The heat was relentless, yet it was a beautiful sunny day, and all of the student organizations at Trinity were lined up with their own specific tables, eager to explain their clubs and hoping to recruit new members. I cannot even begin to count the number of times I wrote my email down on the copious number of email lists! Each activity sounded unique and enjoyable, and it will be difficult to narrow them down throughout the year.
So far, however, I have auditioned for Macbeth, and joined Best Buddies and the Tripod. Numerous opportunities to participate in with so little time, yet, I am confident each student of the class of 2021 will find their niche and discover their passions. The club fair was a great way of initially becoming involved with Trinity, and I am so thankful that Trinity already feels like a home because of the fair. In conclusion, I believe orientation was exciting, fun, and a super start to life at Trinity. Because of the hard work and dedication of Trinity College students and staff, campus was thriving even before classes began. Trinity feels like my second home already in week three of being a student, and I cannot wait to see how my freshman year unfolds. Orientation was the starting line I desperately needed for the beginning of my college career. I am excited to see its lasting effects as I cross the finish line of my freshman year in May.

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