Pray for Paris, Beirut, Baghdad, and Kenya – pray for our entire world

There is nothing I can say that has not already been said in regards to the recent violence all over the world. However, I still feel obligated to write a couple hundred words and give my own tribute to the victims and all of the other individuals affected and hurt by the numerous horrible attacks occurring on almost every continent. My words may not compare to what has already been said. The beautiful words and tributes have touched many hearts, including mine. But, if my words are just read, then I have succeeded.
I cannot even begin to imagine what it would be like to be somewhere where these violent attacks are taking place– to live in fear of whether you can leave your home that day; to question whether you will see someone again after saying goodbye for the evening. It gives me goose bumps and makes me sick to my stomach just thinking about our classmates that were doors or streets away from the gruesome events. For the most part, we have grown up in a country where our safety never, ever will be in question. We have people who fight every single day to let us live comfortably and in peace. But, others are not that fortunate.
In just two days this past week:
-At least 123 people were killed and 352 were injured in Paris, France.
-At least 43 people were killed and 250 were injured in Beirut, Lebanon.
-At least 18 people were killed and 41 were injured in Baghdad, Iraq.
-At least 147 people were killed and 79 were injured in Garissa, Kenya.
In total, at least 331 people were killed and 722 were injured in a span of, at most, 48 hours. All of these unfathomable events were terrorist attacks.
Unless someone is absolutely oblivious to world, I can guarantee everyone has heard about the tragedy in Paris. Prayers and thoughts are all over Twitter, Facebook, and news channels. But, it seems as if the other attacks have been disregarded and this leaves me wary and concerned. I am not downplaying the heartbreak in Paris. Rather, I am calling for awareness.
These terrorist attacks are constantly happening – in both small and large cities, peaceful and war-struck areas. But, these types of details are irrelevant. Numerous innocent lives are being taken every single day. We need to be educated and aware of the events that are going on in the world around us that do not always make the headlines. The tragedies I mentioned before are only a handful. As of Nov. 13, there have been 289 terrorist attacks this year.
When is this violence going to stop? When is enough going to be enough? This world is becoming a very scary place. Pray for Paris, pray for Beirut, pray for Baghdad, and pray for Kenya. Pray that change begins to take place.
“This is the way of peace: Overcome evil with good, falsehood with truth, and hatred with love.”

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