TrinColl2Action truly represented the desired Trinity community

This past Saturday was a very special day for Trinity. For the first time in my Trinity career, I truly felt that community aspect that I have been hearing about since before I even got accepted. We have all heard about this wonderful Trinity community – where everyone supports and challenges each other in academics and extracurriculars, where we all accept each other’s differences, where we truly come together as a whole. Yes, there have been glimpses of these moments. But, in my opinion, nothing has compared to this.
TrinColl2Action, an expo of what the members of Campaign for Community have been working on all semester, was held in Vernon Social for just a few quick hours on a busy weekend afternoon. However, the turnout for the event was one of the greatest I have seen at an event like this. It wasn’t a sporting event or an a capella concert. No one was required to be there for a class or other committment. Everyone simply wanted to see what these groups had to offer in order to better our Trinity community.
When I first got involved in Campaign for Community, I did not realize what kind of work it was going to be and I sometimes dreaded the extended Sunday afternoon meetings when I had piles of homework. But, after Saturday, I can genuinely say that I have never been more proud to be a part of something like that.
For the amount of work that went into our presentations behind the scenes and to see so many Trinity students, faculty, staff, and others come and actually want to hear what we have to say, it was unlike anything else. I wish I could even put words into what it felt like to hear all the positive feedback all over campus afterwards.
President Berger-Sweeney, I thank you for this original idea, for actually listening to our ideas and giving us a concrete start to put these wonderful recommendations into action. Chaplain Read, Kate, and all of the other members of the academic working group, thank you for your dedication and the endless hours you put into this. To my fellow student working group members and to the other student working groups, thank you for putting on such a wonderful event. And to all that came out, thank you for listening and engaging.  I know I care so deeply about making this wonderful place even better and it’s so reassuring to see how many others care too.
As we came up with the other day: Be brave. Be proud. Be Bantams. I can’t wait to see this place I call my temporary home change for the better.

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