Your Network is your Net Worth

Throughout the year, the career development center hosts various networking opportunities for current students and alumnae. During my years at Trinity College, I had never once considered the importance in taking advantage of these networking events. I write this article with an intent to stress the importance of attending these events. As a senior, I feel more inclined to take any chance I can get to network and connect with alumnae of Trinity College. Interestingly enough, what I have discovered from these events is that networking is not just meeting older alumnae, it is discussing the connections amongst your peers. Getting older slaps me in the face with a pivotal realization: it’s time to grow up. In order to maximize your efforts, it is so important to be as involved as you possibly can with the career development center and the plethora of opportunities they offer. Face to face contact is of the utmost importance when it comes to meeting people. By speaking with experienced alumnae, it has exposed me to the importance of not just making new contacts, but keeping old ones strong. Throughout my sixteen years of schooling, it has taken me up to now to truly understand just how significant of a part your peers play. Sure, you know everything about your “crew” and your best friends but there are so many more people that you can get to know and bond with. That camp counselor position you had in ninth grade–little Timmy’s dad is a big shot producer and loved your pitches, didn’t he tell you to give him a call? That nice girl you always had classes with in high school but never hung out with? You had a professional relationship with her–she is now working at the biggest PR firm in New York. Additionally, you could be in a profession someone else is interested in. You remember them being hard working and determined in all facets of work. You’re looking for someone just like them, and you actually know them on a personal level. However, how can you know about their incredible work ethic if you don’t take the time to meet with them and find out their hobbies, interests, and talents? Meet more people, get to know them better. Life is not about agencies or classifieds, it is about the friends and colleagues you have met and bonded with. In order to solidify these relationships, you almost must realize that respecting your peers and having a good reputation can assist you in doing so. If you have neither of these, than you are undeserving of these connections. Use your opportunities–whether you are a freshman or a senior–to make the best of your life. There is no reason to be unappreciative of the people you meet.

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