A Strong Open to the Women’s Lacrosse Spring Season

Mateo Vazquez ’21
Sports Editor

While there has been a lot of action going on in sports for the men’s hockey team this weekend, it was also the start of the women’s lacrosse season as they faced off against Skidmore and Williams.
Their first match of the season was against Skidmore College. Although this game was not their first official NESCAC game of the season, the Bantams nonetheless put their best foot forward in trying to start the season out on an aggressive note. With the game taking place in a very frigid and windy upstate New York, the Bantams did just that as they set the tone from the first face-off until the final minute.

Yet despite the strategic aggressive play from the start the Bantams were still trailing Skidmore late into the first half by two goals. Then,  Lilianna Khosrowshahi ’22 dealt a pass to Samantha Booma ’22, who was able to take the shot and tie the game up with 3:49 left in the half which is just an incredible turnover. However, the Bantams did not stop their run short with a tie. With approximately 25 seconds left to go in the half, Kendall Milligan ’21 saw an opportunity for a shot and took it, which gave the Bantams a one-goal lead to finish the first half. Early in the second half, the Bantams took the opportunity to control the momentum of the game early on, making a large effort to control the defensive aspects of the game. They were able to shut down attacks on goal while at the same time having sufficient turnovers to put offensive pressure on Skidmore’s goal.

To say the least, the Bantams absolutely controlled the rest of the game. What was probably some of the best demonstrations of their offensive work was their ability to have a 5-0 score run to seal the game. Overall, they outshot Skidmore 39-22 and won the game 15-8. All of which was a great way to start the season especially before one of their biggest competitors, Williams College.
The Bantams continued their momentum on to Saturday with their first NESCAC and home game of the season against Williams College. Within the start of the first 6 minutes of the match, it was quite obvious that Trinity meant business by scoring three goals right away. However, after the strong offensive opening, the Bantams held back and played a much more defensive game, almost just letting the clock tick away into the second half.

Yet, when it seemed as if the action of the game had slowed down and the half was about to end, everything picked up once again. With about another ten minutes left in the half, the Bantams demonstrated a great offensive drive three times! They ended the half  6-2 against Williams. Unfortunately, at the beginning of the second half, Williams sought to steal a play out of the Bantam playbook and were able to score 3 quick goals at the start of the half.

However, Trinity answered back with three goals of their own and continued to keep a three-goal lead for the rest of the game. Trinity beat Williams 14-9 in their first NESCAC game and second overall game of the season. They hope to continue their winning streak and play to victory on Wednesday when they play Springfield College at home.

This is a great demonstration of what the women’s lacrosse team can do for the rest of their season and with thirteen more games ahead in their season, we are certainly very excited to see what they will able to achieve. Go Bants!

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