Men’s Tennis Wrecks Colby Mules and Wheaton Lyons



The Trinity College Men’s Tennis team pushed through on Apr. 3, after being tied 3-3, to win against Colby College 6-3. After being defeated 1-8 in the first round of doubles, the Bantams won the next two rounds thanks to doubles teams Carlos Feyrreros ’16 / Cam Smith ’16 and Rutendo Matingo ’17 / William Boyd ’17 to put them ahead 2-1 overall. Colby took the next two rounds of singles, tying the score at 3-3.

However Matingo started Trinity on a four- round win streak that was followed by wins from Aaron Segel ’16 (6-4, 6-1), Boyd (6-4, 6-1), and finally Ferreyros (6-0, 6-1) sending the Bants to victory over the Mules.

Trinity sent Wheaton College home early, due to a sweeping 9-0 victory on Apr. 3. The Bantams started out 3-0 after the doubles round thanks to opening victories by Rex Glickman ’18 / Ford Traff ’16 and Ferreyros / Smith. Matingo / Boyd finished the round with a strong 8-2 win. Glickman launched another great round; he and the rest of the Bants easily defeated the Lyons in the singles round, winning all sets and capping off their 9-0 win.

The men will play again Apr. 13 at Wesleyan.

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