Running Through Senior Libby Geisler’s Experience as Captain of the Women’s Cross-Country Team

Annika Dyczkowski ’25

Sports Editor

Libby Geisler ’24 is a member of the track and field team and captain of the women’s cross-country team. The Tripod had the opportunity to sit down with the senior captain and discuss her experience with running, her transition between cross-country and track and her role as a captain.

This is Geisler’s first year with the cross-country team, already having been a member of the track and field team since winter of her sophomore year. For invitationals, the cross-country team runs either 5k or 6k races, the same distance that Geisler is familiar with when running track. In terms of her transition into cross-country, Geisler says there were minimal difficulties. “I’m already on the track team as a distance runner and I was already running with the cross-country team. It was definitely an easy transition.” Because she is accustomed to the dedication required as a student-athlete, she says her experience helps here as well. “I was already an athlete before, so I didn’t have to change much with time management skills.”

Prior to competing for the Bantams, Geisler says that she began running as a hobby during the COVID-19 pandemic; she summarizes the experience as there being “nothing else to do.” Geisler also says she comes from a family of runners, her mom and sister both serving as her inspiration. Her sister ran in high school and her mom has experience running in marathons (including the Hartford Half Marathon). “I just started to [run] with them during the pandemic.” Now, she runs six times a week as part of her training. To some, this dedication may sound overwhelming, but Geisler says she loves putting in the work — “it’s fun!” She finds that the best part is using it to unwind, saying it’s “a good time to check out of reality for a second and get a good workout in, it gives me time to think and relax.”

In addition to her family, Geisler has a multitude of role models who run- all of which are women. She lists her top three being Emma Bates, Emily Sisson and Des Linden. “I love the running community,” she concludes.

This statement rings true for Geisler and reflects her team’s respect for her as a runner; she is a first-year member and captain of the team. Geisler says she found herself growing into a leadership position on the track team, already having run with most team members on the track team. “They already knew me and how I ran and trusted me to be a leader on the team.” Geisler concludes by saying that her favorite part of being on the team is its members, “I love the girls I get to run with every day.”

The cross-country team’s next meet is the NESCAC Championship Meet this Saturday, Oct. 28. To be best equipped for this weekend, Geisler says the team is preparing with “a workout, a strong week of practice, taking care of our bodies, and focusing on recovery.” The meet will take place at Amherst College, beginning at 11 a.m.

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