Softball Cruises by Both Coast Guard and Colby

The Trinity College Softball team pulled off a successful week of games, only dropping one during their contests against the Coast Guard Academy and Colby. The women’s record improves to 17-10.
The Bantams swept the Coast Guard Academy Bears in their two game series, winning 9-3 and 7-5. While the Bears scored early on, the Bantams tied it up in the third inning on a sacrifice fly by outfielder Meaghan Race ’18. The Bears retaliated with three runs to make the score 4-1, but the Bantams tied it again in the fifth inning. The Bantams scored in the fourth frame on an RBI single from Erica Merullo ’18 and again in the fifth off of a single from Michelle Treglia ’18. Treglia also scored on a two-out hit by catcher Nicole Towner ’19 to tie the game up. Katie Hagdhan ’18 and Rachel Smith ’18 would start off the sixth by helping Merullo score on a hit and bunt respectively. Hagdhan scored soon after off of a throwing error by the Bears, while a Treglia single up the middle helped Smith to score another run. The Bears attempted a comeback, but Cassia Armstrong ’18 outpitched them for 4.2 innings after relieving Smith. Sarah Sorenson ’16 also pitched seven innings, allowing only seven runs on 13 hits while also striking out two and walking three. The second game started in the Bears favor again at 3-1, but the Bantams put up a five run fifth inning and added three more in the final frame.
The series opener against Colby was the sole loss of the weekend at 1-3, which had a mid-game delay due to lighting. Colby went up 1-0 in the third inning off a two -out RBI by Tori Sansone, but the Bantams tied it up as Towner hit a solo home run in the fourth. However, the Mules would put up another two to deliver the loss. The Bantams dominated their double header against the Mules on Saturday, with wins of 7-1 and 3-0. Erica Quinones ’16 and Courtney Erickson ’19 each had three runs in the first game, helping the Bantams win handily. Quinones started the second with an RBI double to help Elizabeth McQuaid ’16 score. Towner helped Teraglia score soon after, giving the Bantams an early 2-0 lead. While the Mules secured a run off of a single, Armstrong managed to hold off the Mules successfully for the rest of the series. Erickson hit a three-run homerun in the fifth, helping bring the Bantams up 5-1 fast. Quinones helped secure two more runs in order to finish the game. The second game was a blowout in favor of the Bantams, with only one Mule hit allowed. RBIs from Armstrong, Quinones, and Treglia in the second and third innings helped confirm the win along with Smith’s pitching.

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