Women's Rowing Falls to Hamilton, RIT, Beats William Smith

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The Women’s Rowing Team lined up in Rome, New York this weekend for a series of races against Hamilton College, Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT), and Hobart and William Smith Colleges.
The second varsity eight (2V8+) raced first against Hamilton. The boat was coxed by Caitlin Southwick ’20. From bow to stern the boat’s lineup was Erin Gannon ’19, Denicia Peterson ’17, Vanessa Jones ’19, Lizzie Smith ’20, Alley Smicka ’20, Alexis Zanger ’19, Hillary Vossler ’17, and Lisa Hovhannesian ’17. For the first 1,000 meters of the race, Trinity held on to Hamilton, with contact between their bow and Hamilton’s stern, but was ultimately walked away from in the second half of the race.
The first varsity eight (1V8+) raced second againt Hamilton. The boat was coxed by Talia La Schiazza ’19. From bow to stern the boat’s lineup was Clare Knowlton ’17, Brigitte Vossler ’20, Molly McGonigle ’19, Claudia Garrote ’18, Deane Pless ’17, Sarah Beckmann ’18, Kirsten Thiim ’20, and Toni Bowden ’18. Hamilton took the lead quickly in the race, getting distance from Trinity early in the first half. Trinity made up some of the gap in the final 500 meters, but were unable to overtake Hamilton.
The novice four (N4+) raced next against William Smith. The boat was coxed by Abigail McNulty ’20. From stern to bow the boat’s lineup was Sarah Thomas ’20, Emily McLeod ’19, Nadine Lee ’20, and Petrea Manello ’20. The Bantams took an early lead on William Smith, but the race stayed competitive through the 1,000-meter mark. Ultimately, Trinity was able to walk away and came out victorious.
The 2V8+ lined up again later in the day against RIT. RIT took the quick lead against the Bantams and maintained distance from the Trinity bow deck until the final 500 meters. Trinity’s final sprint allowed them to make up lost distance but they were unable to make a winning comeback.
The 1V8+ lined up finally for the last race of the day against RIT. Determined to come back from the loss against Hamilton earlier in the day, Trinity fought hard against RIT. The race was competitive and though RIT came out on top, Trinity was happy with the level of intensity they were able to maintain throughout the course of the race.
“The most exciting thing about his weekend, and this season in general is how much we improve every time we are on the water,” said co-captain Toni Bowden ’18. “It’ll be really exciting to see where we end up at the end of the season.”
The Bantams race next weekend in Worcester, MA against Ithaca College, the University of New Hampshire, and Hobart and William Smith Colleges.

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