International Hip Hop Festival Preview

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Trinity’s annual International Hip Hop Festival will take place at Mather Hall’s Washington Room on Friday, April 6, through Sunday, April 8. Free and open to the public, the festival’s theme will be “censorship, free-speech a


nd protest.”      

Headlining the event is hip hop artist Noname, who grew up in Chicago, began her career in 2013 and released her first full mixtape, Telefone, in 2016. Headlining the festival along

side Noname is Taylor Bennett, a resident of Chicago and the younger brother of Chance the Rapper. Taylor recently released an album entitled Restoration of an American Idol. This year, the structure of the Hip Hop festival will feature a Friday night dance show and dance battle, plus an extensive lineup of lectures, workshops, panel discussions, and films as part of the weekend-long academic study of the music and subculture of the hip-hop genre.

A notable presentation on Saturday, April 7, at 11:00 a.m. will feature “Prime Minister” Pete Nice, formerly of hip-hop group 3rd Bass, and legendary ’90s hip-hop radio DJ Stretch Armstrong. The duo will discuss the golden age of Hip-Hop, and the fliers that circulated at that time. Armstrong released a book in 2016, No Sleep: NYC Nightlife Fliers 1988-1999.

The Main Concert will take place Saturday, April 7, at 8:00 p.m. in the Washington Room of Trinity’s Mather Hall (photo i.d. will be required to attend the concert). During the Hip-Hop festival, Trinity plays host to a large number of visiting students from surrounding colleges. The event is one of the largest and best attended functions of the year, and offers a great roster of Hip-Hop related acts to


students and visitors. Performances by international hip-hop artists—from Cuba, South Africa, China, Canada, the Dominican Republic, Jamaica, and Cabo Verde—will precede sets by festival co-headliners Noname and Taylor Bennett.

Information regarding the Hip Hop Festival was provided by the Trinity College Office of Communications.

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