Restaurant Review: The Sloppy Waffle

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The Sloppy Waffle is the cozy, lively, and insanely delicious breakfast joint you’ve always dreamed of and never knew where to find. Located about fifteen minutes away from Trinity at 2551 Berlin Turnpike in Newington, the restaurant is famous for serving up oversized pancakes, juicy burgers, eggs of all kinds, and of course the specialty Belgian liege waffles that inspired its name.
The “sloppy waffle” is actually a menu item itself in addition to embodying the restaurant’s moniker. The dish consists of eggs served any way you like them, served with cheese and bacon or sausage on a waffle drizzled liberally with maple syrup. Somehow, the sloppy waffle masters the perfect balance between sweet and savory by bringing in the “unique flavors and textures” the owner uses to fuel each dish on the menu.
Lucy Ramos established the Sloppy Waffle almost four years ago with the vision of a “breakfast place that feels like I’m walking into my own kitchen.” She has absolutely accomplished this hope, and the restaurant’s menu echoes Ramos’ happy home just as much as its quirky diner decor. Ramos says that, “although different dishes were inspired in different ways, [her] family had the most influence on the menu.” The chicken and waffle, which touts a hefty serving of perfectly seasoned fried chicken atop a waffle soaked in maple syrup and powdered sugar, was “a classic at home” before it entered her restaurant. Some menu items are even named after important people in her life. Her husband lays claim to the Spicy Jeff, the Louie Special honors her godfather, and the Juicy Lucy is named after herself!
Most memorialized by the creation of the restaurant, though, is Ramos’ mother, who always hoped to open a restaurant like this but was unable to do so after she was diagnosed with leukemia. Ramos says that “when she passed, opening the restaurant just seemed like the right thing to do.” Ramos credits her success to her mother, affirming that “she is the reason I am in business.” The restaurant was built on love, and this is palpable from the minute you walk in the door.
With such an incredible story behind its establishment, and an absolutely unbeatable menu, it’s hard not to be charmed by the Sloppy Waffle. Whether you order a specialty liege waffle to suit your sweet tooth or choose something else on the menu to feed your savory side, you are almost guaranteed to leave with a full tummy and a happy heart.

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