Director of LGBTQ+ Life Made Full-Time Position

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Trinity College has recently elevated the position of Director of LGBTQ+ life to a full-time position and has hired a new coordinator in order to work with students in these groups. The decision was made in part because of the strong urge by many students, staffs and facilities. Originally a part-time position, the College has made the position full-time to fulfill students’ needs and expectations.

The Tripod spoke with Carrie Robinson, Director of LGBTQ+ life, to discuss the future prospect of LGBTQ+ students at Trinity. Ms. Robinson added that she is “really excited to be here, get to know the campus and students. This position is right up my alley.”

Talking about her impression of Trinity thus far, Ms. Robinson remarked that “It’s been great, everyone has been super welcoming and super excited.” Ms. Robinson expressed her desire for this position to serve as a platform for the voices of under-represented groups. She wants the center to provide an inclusive and welcoming place on campus. “I hope that LGBTQ+ students have the things they need to be successful on campus, that’s one of my goals for this position,” she added.

Although there is still work to be done, Ms. Robinson is proud of all the help she has received from the College community. She added that “If you have support from the institution and from the people, it makes your job a little bit easier.” Ms. Robinson also emphasized unity and believes that it is “important for us to all work together, we need allies to help us.”

Ms. Robinson will be working in the Queer Resource Center at 114 Crescent Street. Besides having open hours, Ms. Robinson is also happy to schedule appointments. Ms. Robinson also plans to commit to additional availability and added that she “definitely wants students to see me as a resource, feel like they can come down here and just knock on the door.” She stressed that she wishes to make herself available outside of the day as well, adding that “if that means working to 8:00 at night, that’s what it means.”

The LGBTQ+ coordinator is responsible for a myraid of activities, but the focus of the position is on coordinating outreach to students and providing a space where students feel comfortable discussing and sharing their diverse experiences.

Upcoming activities sponsored by the Queer Resource Center include a discussion about LGBTQ+ in the workplace on April 17 and a barbeque on April 26. Ms. Robinson is also planning on collaborating with different departments, clubs, and programs in the future.

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