Barnyard Announces Spring Weekend Lineup

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On Monday Apr. 18, after months of planning, and negotiating with artists, Trinity College’s Barnyard Entertainment Committee released its artist line up for Spring Weekend 2016.
The Kenny Mehler Band, DJ Yosa and Young Bombs are scheduled to open the event, on Friday Apr. 29 on the LSC Quad during Barnyard’s annual Carnival.
On Saturday Apr. 30 for the Spring Weekend Concert, a student DJ will kick off the event, followed by the opener, female rapper, Kehlani, and finally, the headliner, rapper and culinary show host, Action Bronson.
“This release, which was planned by the Barnyard Marketing Committee, premiered on Snapchat on Apr. 18 at 4 pm. The past semester has been an uphill battle getting contracts completed and getting the go-ahead to advertise for our artists. But as soon as all artists gave us an OK to begin advertising, Barnyard, and especially our marketing team, jumped on the opportunity to do something dynamic, fast and effective,” said Barnyard President, Rosie Carroll ’16. The release featured Brian Grasso ’17 in the Bantam costume running around and interacting with students quadding on the Main Quad. As he ran around, the music of the Spring Weekend artists played in the background. He then ran in front of Jarvis and a large sheet announcing Action Bronson and Kehlani fell down from the second floor of Jarvis. “From the start, we knew we wanted to have Snapchat be the first way to advertise so to drive more students to our Snapchat social media. As a student organization we want to make sure that we use outreach methods that the students would want to engage in daily,” said Carroll.
The process for choosing a good Spring Weekend artist was very long and full of many obstacles that the E-board had to navigate. “With the baggage that Action Bronson brings with him, we were both excited and also nervous for the artist reveal. Once we started filming the snaps, the excitement of seeing a nine month project finally come to fruition sunk in. I cannot wait for the amazing weekend,” said Carroll.
Barnyard will be holding a campus discussion on Thursday Apr.  21 during Common Hour in the McCook Auditorium. “This will be a safe place to share your voice on the matter and receive information and support from your student leaders in EAC Barnyard, as well as administrators, involved in the process,”  said EAC Barnyard in their email.
Spring Weekend will be from Thursday Apr. 28 to Sunday May 1 and will consist of many events put on by different organizations at Trinity, in addition to Barnyard’s Friday and Saturday events. For a full list of events and times, there will be Coachella-inspired posters hung around campus and on the Trinity College Barnyard Entertainment Facebook page.

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