SGA Elections Open to the Community

SGA election forms went live to Trinity students starting Monday. While results will not be announced in time for the Tripod’s final issue, it can be reported that the majority of SGA executive board positions are running without opposition-assuring that Lexi Zanger ’19 will be SGA Vice President, Alison Adamski ’19 as Vice President of Finance, and Liam Andrian ’20 and Natalie Bruno ’20 as Vice Presidents of Communications. Similarly, the Class of 2020 does not have any candidates currently running for the position of Class President. Elections for the Class of 2020 will be held again in the fall.
SGA President is the only position on the SGA executive board that has more than one candidate running. All Trinity students are given the decision to vote for either Ben Feola ’19 or Kristina Miele ’19. The Class of 2019 will vote between Cami Fitzgerald ’19, Chandler Solimine ’19, and Krikor Norsigian ’19 for Class President, while the Class of 2021 features seven different candidates running for their year’s highest office, including Lindsey Dowty ’21, Kyle Fields ’21, Kaylen Jackson ’21, Preet Patel ’21, and Taylor Peracchio ’21.
Also included in the ballot was the vote to keep ConnPIRG on campus as well as an optional student life survey.
The voting period began with some technical difficulties, which have since been fixed by the SGA.
Voting will continue into Tuesday and results are expected to be announced shortly afterward. Results were announced Wednesday afternoon at 12:46 P.M. by SGA President Emily Claytor, with Ms. Miele elected as SGA President, Ms. Fitzgerald elected as President of the Class of 2019, and Ms. Jackson elected as President of the Class of 2021. CONNPIRG was also reapproved for funding for the 2018-2019 academic year.

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