Women’s Squash Takes NESCAC

Mateo Vazquez ’21
Sports Editor

After what can only be described as an amazing victory, the Trinity College women’s squash team has once again won the NESCAC Championship for the 13th year in a row. The stands were packed with dedicated squash fans from around New England.

The tournament went from Friday to Sunday and featured numerous teams from the NESCAC, including No. 2 seed Williams College and No.3 seed Amherst College, all of which were determined to do their best to upset Trinity. On Friday, the Bantams received a bye to the quarters and faced off against Amherst and Wesleyan. From the beginning of the Wesleyan vs. Trinity matches it was quite obvious that the Bantams were hungry for a win. In the third match of each (singles) game Sara Lopez ’22, Jenny Haley ’19, and Amina Taher ’22 all shut out their Wesleyan opponents with an 11-0 finish.

Overall, the Bantams defeated Wesleyan 9-0 a clean sweep and a great way to start out in the tournament. However, the Bantams did face some decent competition from Amherst College Saturday as they did lose one of their matches.

Also, within each of the matches, there were numerous points in which Amherst had a slight rally in points and attempted to steal the game from Trinity. However, the Bantams stuck with their game and were able to execute well-played drives that got them the win. For never having been to the NESCAC Squash Championships in the past, it was quite marvelous to see the exhilarating atmosphere that surrounded each of the courts. Yet the tournament was not even close to a finish as the best of the competition was on Sunday for the finals. Not to mention that Sunday was also Senior Day. The Bantams faced off against Williams College and from the beginning, it was obvious that Williams wanted a NESCAC Championship. In each of the games Williams was putting points on the board, but Trinity was slowly moving ahead point by point and sure enough, held the lead beating Williams 8-1. It is important to note how far the Bantams have come in this season and this tournament slowly, but surely working their way to the top of the competition. The next stop for the Women’s Squash team is the Nationals and we hope they carry this momentum forward as they prepare for the next set of tough competition.

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