Trinity Student Threatens Uber Driver


A Trinity student threatened to accuse an Uber driver of rape after he refused to drive her because his shift was over for the night on Dec. 12, 2017. The Uber driver recorded the argument with a camera.
He posted the video on YouTube that night. The film, 46 seconds long, depicts part of the conversation, which began to escalate when the driver declined to take the girl around the corner after the trip had already ended. When asked to do this, he tried to comfort the passenger by assuring that she would “ figure something

out.” He attempted to console her by telling her he was “really sorry” and that he was truly “done for the night.” The girl appeared flustered and offended by his words, and replied that “he wasn’t sorry” and threatened to give his service a zero star rating. In addition, she threatened to accuse him of “misconduct and [expletive] rape.”
The video has received, as of Jan. 29, 2017, over 13,000 views. It also received dozens of comments. Several users posted comments claiming to be lawyers and offer the driver legal advice. One account titled Ann Windsor, with no followers or subscribers, mentioned that the video put the Uber driver at risk legally. “This video exposes you legally for a number of reasons and you should consider taking it down immediately.” She accused him of making a “defamation claim” by assuming that the passenger was a Trinity College student,
invading the girl’s privacy by recording her without her consent, falsely accusing her of sexual assault by “twisting her words,” and, finally, placing her in a dangerous situation by forcing her to get out and walk during the night in Hartford. There is no evidence that Ann Windsor is an attorney or legal expert.
The Uber driver replied to her comment, rebutting her claims. He rst defended his recording of the girl. He stated that there are “signs in the vehicle starting that passengers are being video and audio recorded.” According to Uber’s policy on their website, “regulations may require individuals using recording equipment in vehicles to fully disclose to riders that they are being recorded in or around a vehicle and obtain consent.” He also assured her that he did not drop her off anywhere besides her desired destination. “She was dropped off at her dorm, the address she put as her final destination”, the driver replied to “Windsor.” Finally, he said that it was clear that the passenger was a Trinity College student because she told him that Trinity was having a formal after finals week ended.
Members of the Trinity faculty and staff declined to comment on the matter. There has been no public administrative response.
Several sources around the Trinity community have affirmed the identity of the female student in question, however, the Tripod has chosen to not release this information.

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