This Week's Student Leader Spotlight: Kate Lucas '20

Name: Kate Lucas
Class Year: 2020
Hometown: Alexandria, Virginia
Major: Biochemistry
Leadership on Campus: College Diabetes Network President, Wrestling Team Manager, Vernon Social Student Manager, Tour Guide, Orientation Leader, Editor-in-Chief of the Ivy School Yearbook.
Tell us about your leader-ship experience: In high school, I made the mistake of staying in my comfort zone. I knew I needed to start taking more chances if I wanted to get anywhere in life. The best decision I made was reaching out. The only reason I was able to become so involved at Trinity is because I put myself out there.
The first time I tabled for the College Diabetes Net-work at Mather, people said many offensive and incorrect things about Type 1 Diabetes. But, I’m so happy I kept going with the organization. If I didn’t, I never would have met the supportive students that are now part of the chapter. Not only was I able to connect with other Trinity students, but I was also able to connect with students around the coun-try that are part of the College Diabetes Network chapters at their schools. In a world where many people are ignorant about this disease, it is nice to have people that under-stand. Being a part of so many different activities campus has allowed me to meet so many different people: people from all different backgrounds, people I never would have met if I didn’t become involved.
Last year, I became the editor of the Ivy Yearbook, which was first published in 1873. At the same time, I founded Trinity’s chapter of the College Diabetes Network.
At Trinity, I have been able to become a part of one of Trinity’s oldest traditions, while starting a brand new one at the same time. Trinity has allowed me to continue my activities from high school, such as yearbook editing, managing the wrestling team, and giving campus tours, while also exposing me to new opportunities such as creating a new campus organization, leading first-year students through orientation and managing Vernon Social. The most rewarding part about all of these experiences is that I have made friends that I can connect with about each of these interests.
I’ve been able to get to know many Trinity athletes through my editing of the yearbook. During orientation, I was able to help first-years transition from high school (one of the scariest moments of my life). Being a tour guide has given me the chance to make an impact on prospective student while also representing our school. Managing at Vernon Social has given me a strong work ethic and fantastic people skills.
Fun Fact: I was selected to meet Pope Francis on Sept. 24, 2015 at the Vatican Embassy in Washing-ton, DC. Also, I can sing with my mouth closed.

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