A Thank You from the Tripod

As our last issue of the Tripod is published and another year ends, a final editorial serves as the outlet to reflect on the past semester, and more importantly, thank all of those involved. The Tripod experienced significant growth, both seen and unseen by our audiences, throughout the course of the 2017-2018 school year and it is only made possible by the countless participants in the publishing process.

Working in student journalism is one of the most rewarding tasks to undertake in college. Each week, a fascinating person is interviewed, a meaningful discussion on campus is covered, or a groundbreaking story is reported. Some of our articles have inspired change in academic policy, revaluation of on-campus organizations, or started a necessary conversation. 

It is impossible to create a twelve-page, five-section, newspaper that is available weekly without a dedicated staff. Each editor has committed themself to the Tripod and its mission this year and has done an incredible job as a result. Especially of note are our graduating seniors. Trip Slaymaker ’18 finished his sixth straight semester as the Arts and Entertainment Editor. His hard work and innovative ideas are apparent in the pages of the Tripod and his distinct devotion to the paper has had profound impact. Our Senior Editors, particularly the reliable contributions from Amanda Muccio ’18, Nate Choukas ’18, and Chris Bulfinch ’18, also provided notable help to the shaping of the paper.

Outside of the Tripod, we received significant aid from the Office of Communications. Director of Media Relations and Community Outreach Kathy Andrews was especially willing to answer our questions and provide much-needed guidance during the publishing process. Additionally, several key members of the administration were willing and happy to speak with various Tripod reporters about a multitude of issues relevant to the Trinity community.

The staff can only hope that in any given semester, we have provided some information that has had an impact on the community. A free press is vital, especially on a college campus. Through our motto, Scribere Aude, we hope to convey the truth and an earnest eye towards journalism. While there are so many to thank, my memories at this semester of the Tripod are perhaps best summed up by late nights at the Tripod with several of my co-editors, who have, in this exhausting process, also become my friends. As students each year take on the task of learning journalism, we can most importantly thank the community who has provided us with the guidance and feedback we so often need to succeed.


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