Editorial: End of Semester

I have stuck with the Tripod through three semesters as editor-in-chief because of the people I have met along the way. Reaching out to different groups on campus and hearing their opinions has been one of the most rewarding aspects of my time at Trinity. Working as editor-in-chief of the Tripod and having the opportunity to interact with these diverse communities has allowed me to explore and appreciate the best of Trinity. Sometimes, when I wonder if I chose the right school, I am able to reflect on my time at the Tripod, and immediately am able to remind myself why I’m here in the first place.

This semester was tough. I reported on (and experienced firsthand) a very troubling side of Trinity culture, one that I have tried to point out in countless editorials from both this semester and before, but have never seen fully manifested first-hand. The Tripod maintains a difficult role on campus. We receive a lot of, often deserved, criticisms. Any praise, however, or indication we have readers at all, is rare. But there is still something that inspires me to stay on the Tripod year after year, even though I still haven’t quite figured out what that is yet.

There are many people who make the Tripod a success. This staff has been the most accomplished and capable I have ever worked with. Several editors are now on their third or fourth semester with the Tripod. I am thankful to work with my managing editor, Brendan Clark ’21. His advice has been invaluable throughout the semester.

Additionally, the Trinity College Office of Communications has been extremely helpful with their guidance. A special shout out is deserved for Kathy Andrews, who has always served as a resource to the Tripod. We wish her best of luck next year. Professor Papoulis embraced a tricky role as our faculty advisor and has provided us with worthwhile input and direction.

I hope all of our readers know that we always try our best. We stay up late each Monday to ensure we release a product we can be proud of. Despite how difficult this semester has been (I think, for all of us in the Trinity community), I’m looking forward to my next semester with the Tripod.

As usual, I, and the entire staff, hope to provide the campus with accurate, insightful reporting.

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